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Updated: Jul 18, 2023


Young children often have trouble focusing, and that’s completely normal. However, when your goal is to educate, you want to ensure you have their attention. Creating a distraction-free learning environment is the best way to help your little ones learn when it’s time for an education!


Today, Happy Kids Family Day Care shares tips.


Choose the right location.


Start by selecting the ideal location for a home learning experience. Ideally, you’ll find a quiet area away from noise distractions, such as people walking in and out or barking dogs. A spare bedroom or dedicated study nook might work well. Make sure you choose a spot with natural light, which can boost mood and concentration.


Add storage.


Storage is essential because it allows you to put away unneeded things, such as toys or workbooks, that your children do not actively need at any given moment. Storage cabinets can also keep your area organized and free of clutter. If you want built-in cabinets, look for a licensed cabinet installation company that offers free design services so you can arrange and rearrange your design to suit your needs. This may help your home value by creating a more beautiful and efficient space.


Reduce digital distractions.


Electronic devices are a major source of distraction for kids of all ages. Work to reduce the presence of TVs, gaming consoles, and other electronics you don’t use in an educational setting. If you do have to use a computer with your little one, install website blockers and parental controls. The Gadgets360 blog offers information on how to accomplish the latter.


Emphasize ergonomics.


A comfortable and ergonomic setup is crucial for helping children stay on task. HGTV explains that the right desk and chair can reduce fatigue. Look for a desk and chair setup that promotes posture. At this age, finding something adjustable is essential; get something that can grow with your child.


Establish a routine.


Children, especially toddlers, thrive on routine. Having a predictable schedule helps children learn to rely on you and can teach them structure. Make sure that you limit their instructional time to short bursts and include time for socialization, eating, and physical activity.



Bring nature indoors.


Unless you plan to teach outdoors, it’s a smart idea to bring the outdoors in. According to Mindfulness & Clinical Psychology Solutions, being in nature can “have a profound ability to eliminate stress and bring a deep sense of calm.” Something as simple as a picture of the outdoors or a small potted plant may subconsciously help your child stay calm and focused when you need them to.


Use noise-canceling headphones.


You can’t always avoid noises, such as people slamming doors and neighbors outdoors. If your little one is easily distracted by sound, consider using noise-canceling headphones when they are reading, working puzzles, or drawing. Look for a set of headphones that are right for your child's age and head size.


Creating a distraction-free learning environment can help your young child better prepare for life in school. When you’re ready to start your learning endeavors early, begin by choosing the right location, and make sure that you have plenty of storage cabinets and spaces to hide away the crayons, coloring books, and toys when it’s time to get to business. You can also encourage better learning by bringing elements of nature inside, reducing digital distractions, creating a comfortable space to work, having a routine, and, if all else fails, adding a set of noise-canceling headphones to your arsenal of distraction-busting tools.


Happy Kids Family Day Care was the 2021 Educator Of The Year (Regional) recipient. Contact us today to find out more about our curriculum, philosophy, reviews by parents and how to register and enrol your child/children .


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