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The children in Happy Kids FDC are encouraged to join in with a wide variety of activities, including arts and craft, music, reading stories and rhymes, physical movement, group activities and lots more. In addition, we encourage children to learn to be independent. We support them to develop skills such as eating on their own, getting dressed, organising their own bag, sun safety, making choices for themselves,asking for help and developing an increasing level of awareness of self and others.

As they get older, our activities are increasingly oriented toward school readiness, the goal of which is to help children develop skills and knowledge for a smooth transition to "big school" or primary school.

Please feel free to take a look at our gallery of images and  videos, which have been presented here with permission of the families.

We have also included below some reviews from the families of children in our care. We understand how important it is that you feel assured of the quality of care, learning and experience your child will have with us.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.


Part of our daily routine is an outdoor active playtime. An activity that is important for our Happy Learners' motor skills development.

Australia Day Artwork

Our Happy Learners created their Australia Day Artwork.Artworks were created with patience and diligence by children of Happy Kids FDC.


Our Happy Learners created their "Year of the Ox 2021 Artwork" by doing collage and painting.Beautiful artwork!


Our Christmas Party was a blast! As we celebrated it with our traditional "Kris Kringle",Christmas story reading ,singing Christmas carols, group photographs and Disco dancing .

Cooking with Preschoolers

The children from 2 years to 4 years learn to cook or saute vegetables during our World Food Week celebration.

2020 Christmas Celebration

2020 Christmas Celebration - The children were so excited and happy after receiving their presents.

Raised Garden

Children learn to care for the vegetable plants, fruit plants and succulent plants in our "Pathway Garden".

Playground at HKFDC

Outdoor playtime is an important daily routine for a healthy well being.

lego blocks and characters

Children 2 years and up become interested creating stories using lego characters and small different forms of blocks.

School readiness at an early age

School readiness activity

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The following reviews of parents are from my Facebook page, Happy Kids Family Day Care .

"My son, Oliver, attended Happy Kids  Family Day Care for over a year.

Maria is a great educator and supported Oliver in learning many new skills through play. He always looked forward to and enjoyed his days here and it has played a huge role in his development.

I would recommend Happy Kids Family Day Care to anyone who is looking for a daycare with a

wonderful atmosphere and a family feel." ---  Anne Smith

" Our daughter has been attending Happy Kids FDC for over a year now. Maria is a great educator who teaches new skills through play.

The small group setting is a perfect environment with a family feel and  our daughter is always looking forward to seeing her friends."---- Loic Golliard

"My two little ones love the close knit "family" and the variety of activities....always learning new things too."-------Tracey Paine

Next  is a "Parent Survey" review , from a parent whose children attended Happy Kids Family Day Care in Cammeray since 2014 .

"Maria goes above and beyond, time and time again  by providing stellar education opportunities for my children, an infinite amount of patience and wisdom, and a genuine warmth and care that makes

us feel as if we are leaving our children with a trusted, skilled member of our family. My husband and I feel so lucky that we have our children attending Happy Kids Family Day Care and would not hesitate

to recommend them to any parent wanting a safe, supportive, loving environment that encourages growth." ------- Dr. Laura Lucas

"My kids have been attending this wonderful family day care for two years. Maria is a wonderfully warm and homely educator. She provides a lot of structure with daily outdoor time (cubby house, sandpit, slide, mud kitchen ) , craft time, numeracy and writing and book reading. I find my kids thoroughly enjoy the wider variety of games (dominos, bingo, fancy dress costumes). They really love Maria and the attention they get from her. (it’s always 4 kids to 1 educator) and it’s more consistent here than what they do at the a big brand long day centre (which my kids also attend on other days) . Maria runs a light pre-school programme too for sightwords and writing that we really appreciate. When my kids come home they talk a lot about what happened during the day and the interactions between their friends."-----

Review was from a parent whose children are currently enrolled at Happy Kids FDC in Cammeray. This review can also be found in

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