1. What is a Family Day Care Service?

  • Family day care provides early education and care in a nurturing, natural and flexible home learning environment. That means , the children are attending a family day care service in the home of a registered Family Day Care Educator. A  restricted classroom and playground  is set-up with access only  to  the children ,educator and staff. Requirements are created to comply with the National Regulation.

  • Family day care offers the opportunity for children to form genuine long lasting bonds with their qualified and passionate early childhood educator.

  • Family day care can offer care during standard hours, evenings, before/after school, during school holidays and in some cases overnight and weekends.

  • Family day care educators offer individualised learning programs for the children they care for.

  • Family day care can provide education and care for babies and children up to 13 years of age; offering the possibility for siblings to be cared for together, all in one location.

  • Family day care are regulated  to have only 4-children under 5 years  and 2-school  children in a day.

  • Majority of GPs have stated that If your child is attending a FDC service, there is  less possibility of your child getting ill due to exposure to viruses and bacteria. More number of children in a Childcare centre can result to higher feasibility of your child to be exposed  to more illnesses. 

2. Who is the Main Educator?

The main educator is Maria .She is the Teacher and the play leader. An enthusiast to early childhood education.She has been  working as a dedicated and passionate FDC educator in Cammeray for 16 years. 

 Maria plays  the piano, guitar and ukelele .She likes singing, photography, sketching/drawing and baking. She plays  chess, volleyball, basketball,  soft ball, pingpong, badminton and bowling. She is interested about gardening and cooking too.

Maria is married and has 2 children who are now teenagers. 

She use to work as a Dental /Medical Nurse both in abroad and here in Australia . She lived  and worked in Tripoli Libya as a Medical/Dental Nurse for 3 years in a Large Polyclinic centre located in a rural village area. She was able to work side by side with some local, european and asian doctors/nurses/allied staff and assisted and helped patients in the centre and during home visits. She was able to meet a diverse number of families ,children and colleagues from different cultural backgrounds who shared beautiful lasting memories with her while working in Libya.

She started working as a Family Day Care Educator in Cammeray since  2004. It is her love for her  own children that motivated her to eagerly learn the ability to teach and understand how children behave and learn. With years of experience and excellent feedbacks from families, her work performance and ethics have been praised and appreciated by families whose children she has worked with and is still working with until now for whom she responds with utmost gratitude and  pride.

3. How does Maria work with children?

She works with children like they are her own . With love and care. Their safety  and happiness are most important to her . "Learning" for young  children is easier if a child is happy in his new environment, the "classroom"(playground and playroom). The child will develop naturally as he /she learns new basic skills at first, like holding her own milk bottle or using her spoon or fork or a cup  during meal time or wearing his shoes or applying sunscreen lotion. A child will learn the joy of being independent and will keep thriving to learn more as he/she grows and develop in a stable less over whelming natural environment  such as a small group setting in a FDC service.

4.Where do children sleep?

Children 2 years and   up sleep  in a kindy bed . Children 1 year and younger sleep in a cot . Bed sheets and blankets  are provided. Parents are advised to bring their child's sleeping bag if needed. The children sleeps in 1 room together which often causes a positive effect to children feeling more calm and assured that they are not alone. The educator monitors all the children during rest  & sleep time regularly.

5. When do families drop off and pick up  their children?

Parents or guardians can drop off /pick-up their children anytime during the day as long as it is with in the opening hours 8:00am to 6:00pm. That means, you can drop off your child by 9:00am or 10:00. Or you can pick-up your child at 4:00 pm or at 5:30pm. If parents pick-up their children during outside opening hours, there will be incurring charges. 

6. What food should you prepare for your child to bring for lunch and snack time?

Your child can bring any prepared food like  sliced vegetables , sandwiches , pasta, sushi , etc. and fruits except food with nuts or junk food like lollies. We have a nut free classroom.

Your child should have eaten breakfast before arriving. We can supply food but an additional fee of $20.00/day applies.

7. What are the age of kids attending currently?

We have children from 1 year to 2 years  to 3 years who are  currently attending Happy Kids FDC in Cammeray.

8. Are nappies and wipes provided?

Yes , we provide nappies and wipes.

9. What is the  daily routine?

Please check our  Daily Routine page for more information.

10. How does the educator help settle the children to sleep?

The educator stays with the children in the room until all the children are sound asleep. At times, when necessary the educator gently pats the younger children  to sleep calmly. The educator monitors the children every 15 minutes after.

11. Can families leave their pram or stroller in the FDC service?

Yes . There is an area in the frontyard or by the pathway where you can leave your pram within the premises. 

12.Can families park their car for a longer period of time?

Yes, there is a free-off street parking available at the street venue. That means you can actually leave your car  during the day to take a bus along Miller street or at Willoughby road or at West street which are  just a few blocks away.

13. Why is Happy Kids FDC better than any FDC services in the area?

With the  Covid 19 pandemic , the educator makes sure that strict compliance to the Policies and Procedures are followed and implemented with each family or visitors. Hand washing and illness policies/procedures are  implemented  consistently. Updates will be posted in our community board, via email and messages , through our FDC Scheme's apps and through this website.

Aside from the fact that the Educator has  long years of experience and knowledge about teaching and caring  young children , the educator has  excellent feedbacks from families(Please read the "Review" page of this site). Happy Kids  FDC is using an apps  that gives families  access to daily updates about their children for easy monitoring and excellent communication  between families and educator. And in order to make families feel supported and welcomed.These will  all be presented during Parent/Educator Orientation Day.

14. Which Family Day Care Scheme is Happy kids FDC registered with?

Happy Kids FDC is registered with  Sydney Family Day Care Scheme. This FDC Scheme has the  friendliest ,  supportive and  kind Team of officers and staff. Happy Kids FDC is  proud to be a part of this team.

Sydney FDC Scheme's Contact details:

Phone- 94362277/Address: G 83-85 Chandos  st., St. Leonards NSW

15. Any other  fees? Daily Fee is $130.00.Please contact Maria  by email regarding the detailed  Scheduled Fees of Happy Kids FDC.

16. What are the available days that is currently being offered to families? 

One last spot is now available on Thursday. An update will be posted for any  days that will soon become available. 

If families have any other enquiries please don't hesitate to get in touch with us by email at or by messaging us at 0406108452. We are always happy to assist.

Second option for WaitList application is by emailing  to


(1)Your child's name and age

(2)Parent's name and contact details( email, contact 

(3)Desired start date

(4)Days required / Any flexibility of days ?

(6) Any medical condition(s), such as asthma or allergies ?

(7) Immunisation status


If you are offered a placement, please accept or decline at your earliest opportunity. Upon initial contact, we will hold the space for a maximum of one week, after which it will be offered to the next family on the waiting list.

For parents/guardians who have children on our waiting list,please contact us again one month prior to your required starting date circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate families with immediate needs.

If you are interested, please send us an email with the information listed above to We are happy to schedule a visit/interview on a Friday  between 11:00am to 3:30pm. If you can't make it on a Friday, we can schedule it on a Saturday  at 3:30pm.