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 For families who are interested to register their child/children in the Waiting List for Permanent Placement  please send us the required information listed below .


Schedules for a visit and interview will be advised upon receiving an offer for placement.Parent-Educator Meetings and Interviews are held from Monday to Thursday , after 6:00pm .And on Fridays between 10:30 am to 3:00pm. Please contact us to arrange

an appointment for a visit.



Halloween in HKFDC 2017
Children wore costumes, had fruit sharing and we made special Halloween steamed rice cake muffins
Christmas celebration 2017
Fabulous costumes and growing friendship of all the children in HKFDC 2016.
Christmas celebration 2017
All wore costumes, had fruit sharing and exchange gifts.
In Celebration of Chinese New Year
The children created beautiful artwork "Dog". In celebration of Chinese New Year , their artwork represents the Year of the Dog 2018.
Valentine's Day Artwork
Children learn to focus and listen to instructions of the educator.Children learn to recognise colours and shapes.
Harmony Day Celebration 2018
The children created their colourful artwork to make our Harmony Day/ Week very special .
Happy Easter Egg Hunt 2018
Fun activity on our Easter Egg Hunt Celebration. All the children from 1 year to 4 years participated to search for their chocolate eggs.
Our new DIY Playhouse 2018
Children helped designed our new playhouse with their ideas and creative skills by putting art into it.
Local dentists visits HKFDC
Dentists from Neutral bay came to visit us and they presented a program and games to educate and encourage the childrento look after their teeth.
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 The children in Happy Kids FDC are  encouraged to join our play group activities in music, reading stories and rhymes, coloring, scribbling,craft or art,group play and lots of fun time. Families will be assured of the quality of care, learning and experience your child will have with us. We also offer  school readiness programs of activities to encourage the development of children to improve their skills and knowledge in preparation for the "big school". We encourage children to learn to be independent doing basic  skills like  eating on their own, dressing up, organising their own bag and food bag, wearing their socks and shoes, encouraging children to make choices, recognising an awareness of helping themselves and others and to ask help. 


Our Happy Learners' Classes will be having vacancies for children 9 months to 2 years starting January 2020. To enrol your child on the Waitlist  or to apply for a permanent placement please follow the instructions below. You will have to send all the required information to us by email for any enquiries.

For families whose children may need immediate placement, please contact us by email to set a time and day for your visit/interview. There is a spot on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday that is available starting January 20,2020.

Happy Holiday to all as we celebrate another New Year

Our Happy Learner's class will resume starting on 20/12/20(Monday).


(1)Your child's name and age

(2)Parent's name and contact details( telephone,postal address)

(3)Desired start date

(4)Days required / Any flexibility of days ?

(6) Any medical condition(s), such as asthma or allergies ?(please include current GP action Plan)

(7) Immunisation status


If you are offered a placement, please accept or decline at your earliest opportunity. Upon initial contact, we will hold the space for a maximum of one week, after which it will be offered to the next family on the waiting list.

For parents/guardians who have children on our waiting list,please contact us again one month prior to your required starting date circumstances and we will do our best to accommodate families with immediate needs.

If you are interested, please send us an email with the information listed above to We are happy to schedule a visit/interview any day from Monday to Thursday after 6:00pm. Or on a Friday 11:00am to 3:00pm.