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News and Events

*For families who are interested to register their child/children in the Waiting     List for Permanent Placement  please send us the required 
  information  by filling up the Waiting List Application  at the "Home"        page.Registering your child is free.
*Enrolment for Permanent Placement is for long term, which is at least a year of enrolment . Short term enrolment of less than a year is not offered. 
        *Parent-Educator meetings or visit/interview appointments are held on                     Fridays and Saturdays at  3:30pm to 4:30pm. For more information to book a                           tour/interview , please send us an email to                 


Places on Friday are now available  for children 15 months to 3 years. Enrol your child now at Happy Kids FDC in Cammeray:) 

 The children  are  encouraged to join our play group activities in music, reading stories and rhymes, coloring, scribbling,craft or art,group play and lots of fun time. Families will be assured of the quality of care, learning and experience your child will have with us. We also offer  school readiness programs of activities to encourage the development of children to improve their skills and knowledge in preparation for the "big school". We encourage children to learn to be independent doing basic  skills like  eating on their own, dressing up, organising their own bag and food bag, wearing their socks and shoes, encouraging children to make choices, recognising an awareness of helping themselves and others and to ask help. 
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